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  In the past thirty-five years I have enjoyed the privilege of serving at the side of truly large numbers of physicians as they encounter the staggering task of maintaining and restoring the health of their patients. In that, I might add, I have been privy to the inner thoughts and intellectual turmoil of their attempts to untangle the mysteries of the diseased organism, confront the evil elements that threaten their patients, and literally juxtapose their lives between the two – as if to act as a shield to the infirmed.

In the process, time and again, the frustrations, uncertainty, and the unpredictability of the task at hand seem insurmountable. Day after day the surgeon enters the vessel of the organism to extirpate the tumor, the infections, the lesions and structural failings within – only to gasp at the degree of difficulty he or she confronts. Expecting “routine” fractures or resections they all too frequently are heard to mutter – I’ve never seen anything like this! What happens if I cut here or remove this – and on and on.


Nothing turns out to be routine! Challenge is continuous and unrelenting. The result is more than humbling, sometimes ( too often ) the physician is overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy (wishing that someone else had taken this case, but not – me! The egos, withdrawn behavior and hostility that have been mimicked by the media are not personality characteristics as much as they represent an outward _expression of their fears. The exhausting task of working in a seemingly endless cascade of crises occupies their awakened and restful hours. Physicians live on partial sleep, horrible meals of rice krispies and scoops of peanut butter that have become their diet in endless hours of service to the sick.

These people are the heroes in our society, -unsung, ill appreciated, subjected to criticism on an ever-increasing regularity. We stand for these altruistic men and women, and we intend to dedicate our every effort to raise them up. To support their sheltering arms that part the sea of inequity in an effort for all of us. Our Physician Seminars, Personal Wellness Seminars, and Astute Coaching programs will become as beacons to the industry. Raising Physicians – Up and rekindling their spiritual strength and belief of their purpose for human kind.. In doing so, a renewed strength of purpose will return. Everyone will once again see the worth of the Physician to our very way of life. (Quote Dennis McKenna)

McKenna Project Is about the restoration of medicine to its former dignity and profitability.

The ever changing climate of the practice of medicine is staggering in its bredth depth and cataclysmic course. Some may say that is harse, however the physicians know it to be true. We are seeing ever changing times with continued drops in remunerization for the physicians.

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