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  Physicians who implement the McKenna Project approach to the practice of medicine reap financial rewards within the first year.

Here are only a few of the comments we've received from physicians who have worked with McKenna Project's Martial Art of Medicine.


The core values of the McKenna Project coincide with what I perceive to be the vanguard of reclaiming medicine as it should be practiced. Their incorporation of the fundamental tenets of what makes up the fabric of a healthy patient-physician relationship is of tanta- mount import as we strive to reset our current paradigm of medical practice.

The art of Medicine, as embodied by the ideals of the McKenna Project, is masterfully painted in clear and vivid color for the physician and physician team alike. The counsel I've received has been helpful in laying a foundation for rewarding and self propelling practice growth."

- Jon Hyman, MD / Atlanta, Georgia



I was introduced to McKenna Project just under a year ago. The information shared in that weekend has been a major factor in the explosive growth that our medical practice has had over the last year. Looking back, although I had....traveled 26 hours before the conference began, I would not have missed it for anything in the world.

The key ingredient I took away from that weekend (and there were many) was creating an incentive plan for the entire team. We have effectively implemented this over the last 4 months and it has contributed to the significant growth in our practice over this period of time.

I highly recommend making whatever time and money sacrifice necessary to attend this weekend project. You will receive many blessings including enough ideas to substantially increase the profitability of your practice."

- Adrian Lewis, MD / Gainesville, Florida

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