Does Your Practice Qualify

Are you interested in taking advantage of, not just reacting to, the changes in healthcare?
Do your patients increasingly see themselves as consumers of healthcare services?
Do your patients recommend you to others? Are you sure?
Does your staff see the practice as a business?
Are you capitalizing on all revenue opportunities? Are you sure?
Does your staff work as a team, or is your office bogged down by tardiness and absenteeism?
The core values of the McKenna Project coincide with what I perceive to be the vanguard of reclaiming medicine as it should be practiced. Their incorporation of the fundamental tenets of what makes up the fabric of a healthy patient-physician relationship is of tanta- mount import as we strive to reset our current paradigm of medical practice.

The art of Medicine, as embodied by the ideals of the McKenna Project, is masterfully painted in clear and vivid color for the physician and physician team alike. The counsel I've received has been helpful in laying a foundation for rewarding and self propelling practice growth."


  McKenna Project
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