The McKenna Project offers seminars, coaching, and assessment services specifically designed for doctors. We’ve worked with physicians for over 35 years and in that time have witnessed incredible change.


  Like every industry, professionals in healthcare are increasingly mobile, changing employment many times throughout their career. How can you recruit and retain the right people?
  Many patients now see themselves as consumers of healthcare, and they want information about alternative care in addition to conventional medical treatment. Can your staff knowledgeably meet this need?
  As the cost of benefits rises, employers are promoting an attitude of consumerism with respect to healthcare. At the same time, medical savings accounts are allowing families to fund their own choice-based care. Is your practice equipped to attract fee-for-service patients?
  Physician Assistants can perform many billable functions, but most are tied down with paperwork, dictation, and non-billable post-op visits. Are your Physician Assistants generating the revenue they could?

The results of the McKenna Project are definitive. A better working environment. An incentivized, supercharged staff. Satisfied patients who promote your practice for you. Increased revenue. And a community-wide reputation for unsurpassed care. If this is where you want to be, let McKenna show you the way.


  McKenna Project
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