The Process

Contact the McKenna Project to set up a 2-day seminar, THE MARTIAL ART OF MEDICINE, for your group, designed exclusively for doctors, that teaches you how to


Clone yourself through your physician assistant
Promote your practice as a brand
Incentivize your staff to increase productivity and revenue
Recruit the right people for your team
Virtually eliminate absenteeism and turnover from your office
Turn your patients into walking advertisements for your

On day one, you’ll learn the eight profitability principles of The McKenna Project. On day two, our consultants will work directly with you on the business case presented by your practice. Is your PA a business expense or a revenue generator? Is absenteeism a problem in your office? Do your patients recommend you to others? We’ll help you apply our eight principles to the specific challenges you face, and show you how to do things differently – and more profitably.

McKenna Project also offers COACHING, RECRUITING AND ASSESSMENT services throughout the year to help doctors optimize their offices.

Our certified consultants use Kolbe™ assessment instruments to identify your employees’ instinctive action modes. Then we collate this data against your staff assignments. The result? You’ll leverage the talent you already have and unleash a synergistic force in your office. Your staff will become a team, with a sense of ownership in your practice and an incentive to increase profits and improve patient satisfaction.


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