The Process

Let's start with what the Kolbe Index is not:


It is not a personality profile. Social background, heritage, or personal life experiences won’t come into play with the Kolbe Index.
Neither is it an IQ test. Any accumulated education or knowledge is not a factor either.

The Kolbe Index measures your innate, intuitive, striving instincts. It reveals the strengths you were born with that you instinctively use when you are trying to accomplish something.

Unlike personality, which can change with life experiences, or IQ, which can go up with education, or down when memory is lost, your “MO” (modus operandi) is constant. Understanding and trusting this powerful force leaves you with an incredible gift--the freedom to be yourself.



Kolbe identifies your natural strengths and gives you a detailed explanation of each. The combination of these strengths is indicated by four numbers, which are called your personal MO. When you work in harmony with your MO, you get more done in less time. The reality is that you—along with all the rest of us—have enormous creative potential – as long as you are free to create in your own way. It is when you force yourself to learn behaviors that go against your natural grain that you aren’t nearly as happy or productive as you could be.

In simple terms, you do your best work when you “strive” according to your MO. And you are most likely to succeed in jobs that allow you to operate that way.

Kolbe can provide insight in any number of arenas. Whether it is dealing with children, spouse, or employees, Kolbe will help you tap the hidden potential. It also helps create office efficiency by insuring that your staff is strategically placed so synergy can occur. Very often that employee with a great personality who somehow doesn’t seem to get the job done – is simply in the wrong position. Put him (or her) in a role that uses his (or her) innate talents, and suddenly everything changes. Productivity sky rockets.

That’s why the Kolbe Index is so valuable. Its unique perspective results in harmony, synergy, and productivity—which enhances profitability and, quite frankly, makes every day a happier experience.


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