Coaching and Assessment

You’ve hired capable, credentialed people. So why isn’t your office running more smoothly? Why do your employees call in sick so often and, when they are present, why do they seem to lack motivation? Have you assembled an office staff, or a business team?

Unfortunately, hiring smart, responsible people isn’t the same thing as building a team. Competence and experience are certainly important, but so are attitude, work habits, instinct, and temperament – precisely the qualities that aren’t captured on resumes or detected in job interviews. It’s usually only after a candidate is hired that these distinctive traits become apparent.



 If you’ve hired good people but your office isn’t achieving optimal productivity, McKenna Project coaches can help. We use Kolbe™ assessment instruments to identify your employees’ instinctive action modes. Then we collate this data against your staff assignments. The result? You’ll leverage the talent you’ve already got and unleash a synergistic force in your office. Your staff will become a team, with a sense of ownership in your practice and an incentive to increase profits and improve patient satisfaction.

The Kolbe™ approach has been used for years by innovators like Kodak, IBM, and Xerox to transform employees into business-focused teams. Now, McKenna Project coaches are bringing this consistently reliable and highly predictive empirical instrument to doctors.


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