The Martial Art of Medicine

Our two-day seminar, THE MARTIAL ART OF MEDICINE, is designed for doctors who want to take advantage of, not just react to, the coming changes in healthcare.

More than anything, these changes are creating an environment in which patients see themselves as consumers of healthcare services. They consult the internet to research treatment options, and they increasingly fund their own routine care through medical savings accounts. This trend will escalate with new legislation that allows taxpayers to rollover savings from year to year.

Is your practice ready to take advantage of this reality?



In the martial arts, the strongest opponents can be defeated with their own force. Rather than fighting against a formidable force, the winning strategy works with it. That’s why we call our seminar THE MARTIAL ART OF MEDICINE. We believe the way to succeed in the new era of healthcare is to embrace patient-consumers and restructure your practice to meet their expectations.

In our two-day seminar designed exclusively for doctors, you’ll learn how to:

Clone yourself through your physician assistant    
Promote your practice as a brand     
Incentivize your staff to increase productivity and revenue    
Recruit the right people for your team     
Virtually eliminate absenteeism and turnover from your office     
Turn your patients into walking advertisements for your practice    

On day one, you’ll learn the eight profitability principles of The McKenna Project.

On day two, our consultants will work directly with you on the business case presented by your practice. They will ask for real-world scenarios from the participants, and offer analysis and solutions during the give-and-take section of the seminar.

Is your PA a business expense or a revenue generator? Is absenteeism a problem in your office? Do your patients recommend you to others? We’ll help you apply our eight principles to the specific challenges you face, and show you how to do things differently – and more profitably.

The Martial Art of Medicine seminars will be conducted by McKenna Project across the United States. Physicians, Hospitals and Community Health Organizations will be invited to attend.


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