What is Mckenna Project?

McKenna Project is about the business of medicine. As even patients know, HMOs, PPOs, insurance companies, and government regulators together are radically changing the practice of medicine. By dictating payment schedules and even treatment plans, they’re taking decision-making away from doctors and diminishing the quality of care. At the same time, they’re making medicine a financially insecure profession. The McKenna Project wants to change all of that.

At McKenna Project, we believe that doctors can reclaim their authority and practice medicine profitably, while offering the best care in their communities. We help doctors restructure their practices as purpose-driven healthcare centers staffed by energetic teams dedicated to personalized care and profitablility. Using physician assistants as staff leaders, The McKenna Project will help you:




Increase gross receipts without adding to your workload
Develop a unique brand identity for your practice
Cultivate patients who will pay cash to have access to
  the care you offer
Supercharge your staff with restructured compensation
Turn your patients into advocates for your practices

  McKenna Project
Tel: (404) 966-6604
Email: Info@mckennaproject.com