Founderís Message

The title of our seminar, The Martial Art of Medicine, isnít just a catch phrase. It refers very specifically to the ability to harness forces coming against you to your advantage. At the McKenna Project, thatís what weíre helping doctors do.

Medicine is undergoing an astonishing sea change. Doctors are still motivated by concern for their patients and an unrelenting spirit of curiosity, but they spend less time actually caring for people and solving health problems than plotting courses through the narrow dictates of insurance regulators.

It doesnít have to be this way.



The McKenna Project is about helping doctors do what they do best Ö practice medicine. Our seminars, coaching, assessment and recruiting services all have a single goal: enabling doctors to take back their practices, improve levels of care, and even generate new profits as patients increasingly come to see themselves as healthcare consumers.

Iíve worked side-by-side with physicians for 35 years and am reminded daily of the incredible intelligence, courage, stamina and humanity required in the practice of medicine. In fact, itís my admiration for physicians that led me to found The McKenna Project.

The McKenna Project offers a new organizational model for the medical practice, whatever its size or specializa- tion. Even small offices can radically improve revenue, staff morale and patient satisfaction using McKenna Project strategies, because we show you how to restructure your practice for better business and human results. Itís about making your practice more profitable, but also deploying your staff resources more productively and offering your patients an unparalleled level of care.

Medicine is changing, and at McKenna Project we believe you can embrace change to your advantage. Let us help you navigate the way.

Dennis McKenna


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