The Inspiration

Medicine has always been an esteemed profession, and doctors have been respected as knowledgeable experts dedicated to saving and improving lives. Today, however, medicine is under attack by special interests, and insurance company accountants have as much say in care decisions as doctors do, it seems.

At McKenna Project, we donít think it has to be this way. We recognize that the political and economic forces surrounding healthcare wonít disappear anytime soon. But we also believe that doctors can use these same forces to their advantage.



In the martial arts, smaller adversaries can defeat larger ones by using Ė not fighting against Ė the force coming at them. McKenna Project believes thatís exactly what doctors need to do: Learn the martial art of medicine.

By restructuring your practice to use, not fight against, the forces that are changing medical care today, youíll generate new revenue, create a sense of ownership among your staff, and cultivate patient-advocates who will promote your practice.


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